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Your true voice uncovered

Annette is a voice expert based in Staffordshire, and understands the importance of great voice training in developing and sustaining vocal range, stamina and strength.  Annette will provide the highest level service and support so you can rest assured you and your voice can cope with the demands of studio work and performance pressures.
Annette offers valuable private voice assessments and consultations both in person at her cosy home studio in Staffordshire, and online.
Many singers trust her to take good care of their voices, and develop their vocal and performance techniques.

Vocal styles covered include Musical Theatre, contemporary (modern) and commercial styles and Pop.

Annette is also a dab hand with keys and has been teaching piano for many years. So if you’re looking for a serious commitment or simply want to learn something new and have fun while doing it, there’s nothing more important than being taught by an experienced and fully qualified Music Teacher.

Perhaps you’re self-taught but need to help to take your playing to the next level. Well, what are you waiting for? 



At Your Service

You’ll soon realise when you meet me that I am completely crazy about the voice, music and singing. In fact, I’m a self-confessed voice nerd!

I’m constantly upgrading and adding to my collection of achievement certificates, and qualifications and train hard to stay up to date with industry news and bang on trend with vocal science and technique updates. I’m proud to have achieved distinction and upper high merit Diplomas with The Voice College, a prestigious and world wide recognised voice training college for voice teachers and vocal experts. I also hold a Certificate in Working With Adolescent Voices, which means even the youngest voices are in safe hands. Not only have I studied the voice, but I also have a qualification to actually teach you guys correctly. I won’t simply churn out what I was taught when I was learning to sing (good job, as things have changed sooo much!). I will actually teach you what to listen and feel for!
Getting the whole body ready to sing is a crucial first step. You’ll also learn how to support your voice correctly and produce clean, effortless sound. Plus, with solid understanding of voice registers and vowel shaping, you’ll be building a voice with longevity and lots of “oomph”!

You’ll be pleased to know that I have plenty of singing and performing experience too, so you know my advice is real, and not just from a text book! I led a ladies choir for 9 years, I’m the lead singer in a party band and have countless hours of performing experience. I’m classically trained on piano and oboe, but self taught on guitar and ukulele. I have a Certificate In Performing Arts, and by the way, if you need music theory help, I’m your girl on that score too! Yep, I’m a nerd for all things music theory!

Not only are all of those amazing credentials really important, but I’ve been teaching piano, theory and singing for over 8 years.
All of this magic happens in my cosy home studio In Hednesford, Staffordshire. But don’t worry if you don’t live nearby, I offer invaluable online sessions too. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, get in touch.


Singing and all things “musicy” is my passion. I want to share it with you and ignite your passion for it too. I teach piano and theory in addition to being a singing teacher and vocal coach.

Your musical journey should be successful and enjoyable, fun and exciting. My teaching style focuses on igniting your passion for music and your voice, encouraging you to become an independent musician, and developing your own vocal style. There’s a few options to choose from. Just bare in mind that I have quite a busy studio, so booking in advance is essential.

Voice Lessons

My aim is to give you the tools you need to become the singer you want to be. Maybe you want more power, increased flexibility and agility, a better belt voice, better pitch control, a wider range...whatever it is, I’ll make sure you can do it safely, with great technique that will see you through your singing career. 
I’ve studied many singing methods (E.g speech level, Accent, Estill,  Voice College). But I won’t limit your training to just one method. I have built my teaching and coaching style based on not only theory, but practical and real experience. Great news for you, because you know you’ll be getting top advice, plus safe and effective practical workouts to keep your voice ticketyboo for a long, long time!

I’ll be honest, sometimes coordinating the voice can be a bit technical, but with a bit a fun, a few odd sounds here and there, and a lot of support and guidance from yours truly, I know we’ll get there. It’s hard work, so be prepared to put some effort into it all. 

Voice assessments are available for pro and semi-pro singers. Remember, both face to face and on line sessions are available. 
A word of warning though, my studio is pretty busy so you may have to book in advance.

Piano Lessons

I like to have fun in my studio! It’s hard learning any new skill and learning to play piano is no exception. I mean, you have to coordinate both hands independently, have great keyboard awareness, fab control and a very good ear for music too! Whatever you want to achieve, there’s a whole lot of hard work to put in. But of course, the reward is well worth it. You never know, one day, you might be jamming keys with a groovy rock band on stage, or playing your first concerto at a conservatoire. 
I design bespoke lessons according to my students’ needs, whatever your age or stage you’re at. I do think exams can be fun but don’t worry, if it’s not your thing, you don’t have to do them. And I teach much more than just Mozart or about Einaudi or Lewis Capaldi? Whether you’re into Classical, contemporary or pop, reading the dots or not, lets give it a shot. 


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Thanks for getting in touch with Annette Scott Vocal Coach. I’ll get back to you real soon x