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Your True Voice

I am a voice expert based in Telford, Shropshire, and understand the importance of great voice training in developing and sustaining vocal range, stamina and strength.

I provide the highest level of service and support so you can rest assured that you and your voice can cope with the demands of studio work and performance pressures.
I offer valuable private voice assessments and consultations both in person at my cosy home studio in Shropshire, and online. Many singers trust me to take good care of their voices, and develop their vocal and performance techniques.

Vocal styles covered include Musical Theatre, contemporary (modern) and commercial styles and Pop.

My aim is to give you the tools you need to become the singer you want to be. Maybe you want more power, increased flexibility and agility, a better belt voice, better pitch control, a wider range…whatever it is, I’ll make sure you can do it safely, with great technique that will see you through your singing career.

I’ll be honest, sometimes coordinating the voice can be a bit technical, but with a bit a fun, a few odd sounds here and there, and a lot of support and guidance from yours truly, I know we’ll get there. It’s hard work, so be prepared to put some effort into it all. Voice assessments are available for pro and semi-pro singers. Remember, both face to face and online sessions are available.